Concert: La Diva: La Lupe!

City College Center for the Arts

Concert: La Diva: La Lupe! (Part 3) 

June 9, 2017 | 7:30PM 

Where: City College Center for the Arts 

General admission is $25.00 advance and $30.00 at the door. Purchase your tickets here

Caridad de La Luz, ?La Bruja,? Nina Rodriguez, direct from Puerto Rico Calma Carmona, and special guest Johnny ?Dandy? Rodriguez, Mambo Legends, member of the Tito Puente Orchestra will travel back in time at the beginning of La Lupe?s Cuban recordings of La Diva made possible by Fania Records.

About Caridad de La Luz ?La Bruja?

Caridad De La Luz La Lupe

Spoken word poet, actor, singer-songwriter, and community activist Caridad de la Luz, or ?La Bruja,? was born and raised in the Bronx, and attended SUNY-Binghamton. De la Luz?s poetry explores social justice and Nuyorican identity. When she debuted at the Nuyorican Poets Caf? in 1996, de la Luz adopted the persona of ?La Bruja? (?The Witch?). She has also shared her work on HBO?s Russell Simmons? Def Poetry Jam, and at the American Museum of Natural History. She has produced the album Brujalicious and the solo comedy show Boogie Rican Blvd. As an actor she has appeared onscreen in Spike Lee?s Bamboozled and onstage in Pedro Pietri?s El Spanglish Language Sandwich. De la Luz lives in the Bronx.

About Nina Dilet Rodriguez

Nina Dilet Rodriguez

In traditional cultures across the world, the human voice is a sacred tool, often building a bridge between human beings and the realm of the divine. In the world of dance music, NINA does this very thing. A vocal powerhouse whose unique fusion of Yoruba sacred song with African-and Afro-Caribbean-inspired dance music lights up any dance floor, NINA is a musical chameleon with roots as deeply rooted in Afro-Cuban sacred traditions as classic salsa, soul, and R&B. Born and raised in New York State in 1981, Nina Dilet Rodriguez was born into a dynamic and deep-rooted tradition of song. Daughter of vocalist Maria Elena Candelario (of Rumba Afro-Son & Fransisco Aguabella renown), Nina began her journey as singer at the age of 4. Among the youngest heirs to her family?s musical legacy, Nina was heavily influenced by the diverse musical traditions of Puerto Rico and Cuba. Surrounded by a variety of genres and rhythms ranging from bomba, plena, and rumba to salsa and the music of Puerto Rico?s beloved trios since an early age, Nina is also a product of the soulful sounds of New York City streets where she inherited gospel, Hip-hop, soul and R&B.


Inspired to cultivate her musical career in early adolescence, Nina attended Buffalo?s Academy of Visual Art, Theater, and Music where she trained formally in song, dance, and musical theater under notable instructors such as Mr. James Diotte. In Latin music (from Yoruba sacred song to salsa and jazz), she has studied under highly lauded musical talents Rebecca Mauleon, John Santos, Fransisco Aguabella, and Roman Diaz. Nina?s talent and love for traditional Afro-Caribbean music combined with her training in theory and technique have made her a unique and valued member of the Latin music community in genres from salsa and pop to house and contemporary roots music since her adolescence. So much so, that she has performed as a back-up vocalist for Tito Nieves, Domingo Qui?ones, Mickey Taveras, Obie Bermudez, Lilliana, and Roselyn Sanchez, among others. Nina?s rich sound, professionalism and creativity have also earned her the title of songwriter and vocal coach. In 2003, she had the pleasure of coaching Ms. Sanchez for her collaborations with Tego Calderon (?Amor, Amor?) and Victor Manuel (?Una Noche de Verano?). These collaborations led to Nina?s writing the soneos for ?Amor, Amor? and earned her a spot as back-up vocalist on ?Una Noche de Verano?. Nina has collaborated with internationally renowned DJ & producer Lil? Louie Vega since 2003 when he recruited her for his Elements of Life tour. In early 2007, she recorded lead vocals on his Afro-House original, ?Dance Ritual?.


About Calma Carmona

Carmen Carmona


Calma Carmona is an indie music artist who is no stranger to experimentation: she is constantly & fearlessly challenging herself with each project. As her arc rises, she steadily positions herself to sweep to new international heights. Celebrated by music press & culture sources like AfroPunk, Noisey (Mexico), Huff-Post (Tunisia), and Vibe Magazine, her sound significantly appeals to fans of The Internet, IBEYI, and even Draco Rosa, and she serves as a muse to Afro-Latino global diaspora.

After starring in global couture campaigns for Glenfiddich, being a part of Urban Decay influencers, and supporting a sold-out performance for Beyonce?s ?Mrs. Carter World Tour? in her nation-island home of Puerto Rico, in addition to independently releasing studio-recorded (Presentiment EP) & live-recorded (There?s No Other Girl EP) works, Calma Carmona enters 2017 poised in preparation of her highly-anticipated full-length album, ?100 Vidas?, a blood-pumping soundtrack that breathes with a swollen curiosity for venturing into & beyond the musical dimensions of roots & futurism, or what she defines as Neo Latin Soul.

With just a quick listen to ?100 Vidas?, listeners will be struck by Calma Carmona?s ability to impressively maintain a mature, lush, fluid-like balance between genres. Her voice easily swims in deep waters of late-night digital blues & twilight slow-jams, and swings to sweaty dancehall rhythms & bonfire rumba funk. Paying homage to afro-soul royalty like Sade Adu & Erykah Badu, her songs are complete with feisty purrs & curly growls, and a dreamy naughtiness that slides into your ears like whispering moonbeams. Despite the lush soundscape, she explodes with solar flare when she performs live. On stage, Calma Carmona sparkles like a true star, crackling with the electricity. She whips the audiences with flashes of La Lupe and Tina Turner, and left her spellbinding mark on scores of stages, including the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC.

About Johnny ?Dandy? Rodriguez

Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez "

Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez Jr.  is a Latin percussionist from New York City. At 17 years old Johnny earned a position playing bongos in the Tito Puente Orchestra. Johnny spent over 30 years with the Tito Puente Orchestra, also working with Tito Rodriguez from 1965 to 1968 and with Ray Barretto from 1970 until the end of 1972. Johnny went on to form ?Tipica 73? band in 1972, which he was with until 1979. Following this he went back to work with Tito Puente,[1] playing alongside him until the time of Tito's death in May 2000. 



La Lupe


College Center for the Arts (CCCA), Pregones Theater and the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute have come together to produce a 3-part tribute to the Afro-Latina, the Afro-Cuban Diaspora women called ?La Lupe.?  City College Center for the Arts (CCCA), Pregones Theater and the Caribbean Cultural Center are united in tribute to a talent that relished in the pride of her talent, creativity, and self-transformation as she developed her unique style and public presence.  Similar to un-replicable stars like Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross, Eartha Kitt, there is no duplicate, there is no other there is only La Lupe ??La Yiyiyi.?



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