While all CCCADI programs are rooted in a global consciousness and engage presenters from around the world, CCCADI also sponsors unique international exchanges and convenings. In the past, these have included educational tours to the Havana Biennale in Cuba; cultural tours in Brazil; and hosting the Orisha Tradition World Conferences in Nigeria, Brazil, and New York City, which convened global academics, spiritual leaders and practitioners of Yoruba sacred religious traditions for the first time in history. Some of our International Exchange + Travel programs are:

  • Women of Power Conference convenes afro-descendent female leaders from the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa that live abroad and in New York City to consider the role and impact of Diaspora women through the lenses of community organizing, advocacy, culture and spirituality in order to claim, explore, and honor our experiences and strategize for our future.

  • Museums Connect trains middle-school students in Harlem, NY and Jamaica, West Indies to research their local histories, create related works of art, exchange experiences and present their work via digital media.

  • Community Arts University Without Walls (CAAUW) is a two-week intensive certificate program launched with Inter-American University in Puerto Rico that educates next generation cultural and community advocates through service-based learning.