Memorial Murals of the 1990s: Che Memorial Mural

(Painted by: Oliver Rios and Luis Martinez, 1991)

AR Site: 2168 E. 118th St. (between Lexington and 3rd ave.)

By Oliver Rios


Memorial Mural of the 1990s: Chino Chang Memorial Mural AR project is part of Rios’ Popular Murals of the 1990s series included in CCCADI’s Mi Querido Barrio Augmented Reality Exhibition & Tour. The series features East Harlem’s memorial murals of the 1990s dedicated to the community members killed by drug and gun violence. As a resident of the neighborhood, spray can artist Oliver Rios collaborated with local artist to paint positive murals and help spread awareness along the streets.These murals are now resurrected on the streets of El Barrio with the help of augmented reality technology.

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