Nuestra Familia, Nuestro Barrio

(Special collaboration between Rios and photographer Martha Cooper)

AR Site: Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) | 120 E. 125th St.

By Oliver Rios


In a special collaboration between Rios and photojournalist Martha Cooper, Nuestra Familia, Nuestro Barrio AR project features the “casitas” in New York City. The “casitas” were part of almost every empty lot and community garden during the 1980s in El Barrio. They became a cultural oasis to the many Puerto Ricans residing in this neighborhood. Today, very few remain around the City.

For Nuestra Familia, Nuestro Barrio augment, Rios used Cooper’s photographs to build the photo galleries that will allow viewers to learn more about how locals gathered around the “casitas” to enjoy each other’s company. Nuestra Familia, Nuestro Barrio AR project can be activated by visiting CCCADI’s new home on 120 E. 125th St.

Nuestra Familia, Nuestro Barrio is part of Rios’ East Harlem Casitas of the 1980s series that he created for CCCADI’s Mi Querido Barrio Augmented Reality Exhibition.

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