“African-Diasporic Dialogues: Reconstructing Community, Identity and Memory”

Dates: December 2nd, 2015 - April 20th, 2016



The Museums Connect Project: “African-Diasporic Dialogues: Reconstructing Community, Identity and Memory” is a history project that aims to train 15-20 middle-school aged children from the Nonsuch Primary school in rural Portland, Jamaica, and 12-15 junior high school students at the Kipp Starr Charter School in Harlem, USA to research the submerged history of their respective communities. We will do this by teaching and subsequently supporting 6th - 8th grade students as historians and visual media artists in their researching and documentation of their history. In an effort to engage the students as both actors and agents of history, the students will also interpret the history they have rescued/researched through the production of digital art works. They will be trained in historical research, documentary filmmaking, and digital mapping methods. 


Working with museum staff, students will curate final film exhibitions to be held on the island of Jamaica and in the United States. During the culminating events the media art work that the students have produced will be showcased. This will be an ample opportunity for the students to not only document their work through cutting edge technology but to design and create an interactive final exhibition for many to enjoy in both countries. Through this project friendships are made, cultural understanding is deepened, and the cultural histories of both communities are preserved and safeguarded.


Museums Connect is a collaboration between CCCADI, The National Museum Jamaica

and The African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica.