El Barrio is Home

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) | 120 E. 125th St.

By Tamiko Thiel, Artistic Advisor for Mi Querido Barrio


El Barrio Is Home features the work of Mi Querido Barrio’s artistic advisor, Tamiko Thiel. Using a participatory process, Thiel wanted her AR project to give East Harlem residents the opportunity to share with others what their community means to them. When the augment is activated, viewers will be surrounded and embraced by personal words of gold from the proud community of El Barrio!

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The Spirit of East Harlem Mural

The Spirit of East Harlem  | E. 104th St. with Lexington Ave.

By Michael Shawn Cordero


The Spirit of East Harlem Mural AR project, located on the corner of E. 104th St. with Lexington Ave., features a mural that has survived the elements, a fire and vandals. Each time this mural has been threatened, people have come together to preserve it, this way becoming a symbol of resilience in the community. Through articles, audio tracks and interactive activities that celebrate the residents of El Barrio, viewers will get to know more about the history behind The Spirit of East Harlem mural.

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Monique’s 108 Lounge

Monique’s 108 Lounge |181 E. 108th St.

By Bianca DeJesus


Monique’s 108 Lounge AR project features a popular bar and music venue in El Barrio that is known as the meeting place for people to congregate before and after important community celebrations. Using photos and other interactive elements, the concert painted in the lounge’s entrance will be animated in viewers’ smartphones as a manifestation of the brightness and perseverance of this neighborhood’s spirit.

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¡Qué arte en El Barrio!

Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center (formerly known as Julia de Burgos Cultural Center) | 1680 Lexington Ave.

By Mariona Lloreta


¡Qué arte en El Barrio!, located in the front doors of Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center, offers a number of interactive activities that highlight this location as one of East Harlem’s cultural art hubs. Through games and images, ¡Qué arte en El Barrio! AR project invites viewers to join in a celebration of El Barrio’s cultural legacy. At the same time, the artist aims to showcases Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center as one of the many institutions that throughout the years have supported the community as it continues to develop its unique identity.

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Dominoes/El Club

Nuevo Caribe Democratic Club | 1669 Lexington Ave.

By Edwin Pagán


Dominoes/El Club AR project, located at the Nuevo Caribe Democratic Club, features two Puerto Rican/Nuyorican cultural pastimes: the communal act of socializing in community-based clubs, and the game of dominoes. But more than a pastime, both activities have been historically connected in helping to build a common communal bridge during times of severe transition, cultural anxiety, and displacement. Through photographs and audio tracks, the artist expects viewers to have exclusive access to this intimate, but very welcoming space.

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Soldaderas Mural

The Modesto Flores Garden |Lexington Ave. between E. 104th and 105th Streets

By Yasmin Hernandez


Soldaderas Mural AR project features Hernandez’ Soldaderas mural of Frida Kahlo and Julia de Burgos located in the Modesto Flores Community Garden on Lexington Avenue. Through video clips and images, Soldaderas Mural AR provides viewers with interactive media content about the lives and works of these two amazing artists, who also happened to be “guerreras” (women warriors) of their times. According to the artist, both the physical mural and the augmented reality Soldaderas Mural project, honor the common histories and struggles of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, and is a call for continued and increased solidarity between the two communities in El Barrio and abroad.

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La Marqueta Time Machine

La Marqueta | 1607 Park Ave.

By Alejandro Epifanio


La Marqueta Time Machine AR project, located inside El Barrio’s La Marqueta, was originally developed by Maria de Mater O'Neill and Alejandro Epifanio for the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute's "Mi Querido Barrio" Augmented Reality Exhibition. The AR installation features a  fruit vendor cart, created by Epifanio, that showcases digital content from the original concept. The fruit vendor cart will act as the "time machine" to connect different food markets of Puerto Rico to La Marqueta in El Barrio, then and now. La Marqueta Time Machine will give viewers an interactive experience that will provide a perspective into how these multicultural food markets play an important role in creating and serving our community.

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