Founded by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega in 1976, the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) is a vibrant home for global afro-descendent culture, based in East Harlem, New York City.

A multi-disciplinary center, CCCADI integrates the arts, education, activism and conscious cultural tourism to foster social transformation. We document and present the creative genius of African Diaspora cultures; prepare the next generation of cultural leaders; and unite Diaspora communities.

CCCADI carries out its mission through public art exhibitions, performances, educational programs, workshops, conferences and international exchanges. We reach more than 20,000 people annually throughout New York City, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

CCCADI is regarded as a pioneer in the field and an authentic source on the historic living traditions of afro-descendent communities in the US and globally. Our programs and pedagogy are informed by Afro-Atlantic aesthetics and philosophies. We are an accessible community resource and a trusted bridge linking afro-descendent artists and communities across the world. CCCADI consciously cultivates multi-generational audiences acknowledging the unique gifts of community elders, adults and youth. Our initiatives and our audiences reflect the dynamic kaleidoscope of global Black culture.



CCCADI is a cultural arts oasis at the crossroads where African Diaspora artists, activists, traditional leaders, policymakers and communities meet to create, dialogue, heal, join our spirits, and consciously collaborate to build an equitable reality for Africans and African descendants.

We envision a world in which the rich legacy of diverse African cultures are valued and embraced as an integral part of world cultures.  We actively work to create a world in which afro-descendent people:

  • Have access to culturally relevant arts education, training, and employment opportunities.

  • Are guaranteed equal rights and opportunities to make a sustainable living for themselves and their families.

  • Live in communities that are safe, healthy, beautiful and vibrant.

  • Leverage their cultural traditions as a source of wisdom, power, pride, healing and thriving.

  • Understand and engage with the global diversity of Black cultural expressions.

  • Use our creativity to empower our people as artists, thinkers and leaders within our homes, schools, and communities - and in our major cultural institutions that present our contributions to humanity.

We envision a New York City that values and embodies the contributions of all and promotes cultural equity for communities of color through public policies and resource distribution.