CCCADI's NEW HOME                           ON 125TH STREET

CCCADI is finally in it's new home at the landmark firehouse in East Harlem's 125th Street. We officially open to the public in March of 2017, with select dates for self guided tours planned for February, yet to be confirmed.  

At a time that the 125th corridor, much as many other areas before it, weathers rapid gentrification, our presence gives us a space to stand strong for the African Diaspora that has made East Harlem the vibrant and unique area it is today. CCCADI’s firehouse is your firehouse, you home to preserve, protect, and celebrate global afro-descendent culture in NYC and beyond.   

The move was a journey of grit and love. After raising $9 million with city and state support, on September 16, 2014, we broke ground on the highly anticipated historic Firehouse on 125th in East Harlem/El Barrio. From our new headquarters, we will continue celebrating the beautiful traditions of the people of the African Diaspora with a year full program of events, education and international exchanges that reflect you and your community.

These are exciting times for CCCADI, as this milestone marks the beginning of a new chapter in our 40-year history, and we look forward to sharing it with  you.

NEWS: We will be posting updates on this page regarding our new select dates and hours of operations for 2017. Thank you for your continuous support!