CCCADI's 2nd Annual Spring Gala Reception

CCCADI's 2nd Annual Spring Gala Reception

CCCADI invites you to the 2nd Annual Spring Gala Reception on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse. Join us celebrate our 40th Anniversary, the Grand Opening of our new home, and the spirit of activism through honoring The New York Women?s Foundation, Susan L. Taylor, Opal Tometi, and Ben Rodriguez-Cube?as, for their work in arts, culture, and social justice.


It has benefitted me greatly to know CCCADI. As a first-generation Nigerian female visual artist, it was such a blessing to see my works featured for their winter Exhibition: After Afropolitan.
I was very inspired by the conferences for that exhibition. I?m always coming into the realization that there?s still a lot for me to understand in regards to African, African Diaspora, Black, and world history. CCCADI does a great job in providing spaces for education.

Ashley Minner

is a recent ICA fellow graduate. Before starting the program she was struggling through several transitions, such being a new doctoral student. After ICA, she was hired as a Folklorist for the Maryland Traditions Program of the Maryland State Arts Council, participated as a maker and teller in an immersive theater project called The Plunge: An Experiential Storytelling Lab, published two book chapters with another on the way and even started a newsletter.

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