CCCADI was founded by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega in 1976 as Latin@s were mobilizing for self-determination, racial justice and equity throughout New York City. Following years of international research throughout Africa and its Diaspora, Dr. Vega wanted to build a center where these cultures could be honored, explored and leveraged as a resource for social transformation. Incorporated as the Visual Arts Research and Resource Center Relating to the Caribbean, CCCADI’s first home was donated space at the Phelps Stokes Fund on east 87th Street. The Fund’s Director, Franklin H. Williams, a distinguished civil rights lawyer and former ambassador to Ghana, became Chairman of the Board. The Rockefeller Foundation provided a three-year seed grant. As a seed funder, Rockefeller helped to nurture and establish CCCADI as a preeminent international home for afro-descendent arts and culture in the Americas.       

The mission of the center grew from the recognition that there was only limited information on the African and Native cultures of Caribbean and Latin American countries. Soon, teachers, scholars, and artists were knocking at our doors, participating in building the vision that would become the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI). [READ MORE]