An Open Dialogue on the New York City Cultural Plan

  • NYU Black Box Theater 715 Broadway, 2nd Floor NY, NY

Presented by CCCADI's Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship and the Cultural Equity Coalition

“ NYC’s cultural policies should empower arts and cultural organizations working in communities of color,not only because a diverse arts sector is an essential element for any global city, but also because many culturally-specific organizations are already working,directly or indirectly, to address inequality in the distribution of public services,enforcement of civil rights, and access to professional and educational opportunities“

Your participation is critical to assuring that the developing NYC Cultural Plan includes your community and perspective. The need to assure cultural equity in the proposed Plan is essential. This dialogue is an interactive discussion with consultants for the Cultural Plan and the arts community focused on advancing specific policy recommendations.


LOCATION: NYU Black BoxTheater, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Dept., 715 Broadway, 2nd Floor

TIME: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM



DISCUSSANTS: The Cultural Equity Coalition; Nisha Baliga- Participatory Planning Director, Hester Street Collaborative; Caron Atlas-Consultant, Hester Street Collaborative AND Co-Director of Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts New York Edwin Torres- Deputy Commissioner NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Facilitated by Nathalie Tejada- Director of Development, Public and Government Relations, Astor Services for Children & Families, and ICA Alum-Cycle II.