Que Viva Chango with Babaorisha John Mason

  • Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute 120 East 125th Street New York, NY 10035

Scholar, musician and Priest of Obatala Baba John Mason traces the journey of the Orisha Chango from its roots in the ancient kingdom of Oyo today Nigeria, West Africa to the Americas.  

Chango, the concept of male warrior energy, traveled to the Americas in the bodies of enslaved Africans and was installed in the bodies of African descendants in Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Dominican Republic and other geographic areas.

Today, African descendants throughout the Americas and the rest of the globe continue to honor the power of thunder and lightning that Chango represents in nature.  

Join us as we also celebrate this popular Orisha.

When: Saturday | December 10, 2016 | 3pm to 5pm
Where: TBA | Please check back regularly for updates


General Admission: $10.00 

Students and Seniors with I.D: $7.00

Landmark Members: $5.00

Meet Presenter Babaorisha John Mason

Babalorisha John Mason and Dowiti Desir at CCCADI Tradeitions

Babalorisha John Mason and Dowiti Desir at CCCADI Tradeitions

Babalorisha John Mason is a leading, internationally noted scholar, educator, writer, poet, playwright, musician, composer, photographer, Yoruba religious art sculpture and installation artist, diviner, and priest of Obatala initiated in 1970. In 1970 he co-founded and is currently director of the Yoruba Theological Arch-ministry, a non-profit research center located in Brooklyn, NY. Some of his most noted written works are Black Gods: Orisa Studies in the New World (1985), Four New World Yoruba Rituals (1985), Orin Orisa: Songs for Selected Heads (1992), Beads, Body, and Soul: Art and Light in the Yoruba Universe (1998), and Who's Knocking on My Floor: Esu Arts in the Americas (2003).