Conduct in the Galleries

We welcome your school group to CCCADI. We want to ensure that your visit is a great experience. Please read the list of guidelines below and review them with your students prior to your visit.

  • Artworks are unique, and often delicate, one-of-kind pieces. Please do not touch the artworks.

  • Photographs may be taken, however no flash and video are permitted. Please no selfie sticks.

  • Backpacks will be collected in our group bins and stored safely in our basement location. Coats and Jackets will be placed on coat racks and privately stored.  In case of rain, umbrellas will not  be allowed in the galleries, but placed in available umbrella holders.

  • Please no food, beverages, candy, or gum is allowed in the galleries.

  • Only pencils are allowed for sketching or note-taking in the galleries.

  • Play is prohibited in the galleries.

  • Please use inside voices for communicating ideas, and when speaking to each other. All cell phones should be put on vibrate or silent.

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