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El Barrio Is Home

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Tamiko Thiel

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), 120 E. 125th St.

El Barrio Is Home features the work of Mi Querido Barrio?s artistic advisor, Tamiko Thiel.

Using a participatory process, Thiel wanted her AR project to give East Harlem residents the opportunity to share with others what their community means to them. When the augment is activated, viewers will be surrounded and embraced by personal words of gold from the proud community of El Barrio!

To learn more about the artists visit cccadi.org/miqueridobarrio.


STEP 1. Download the free Blippar app.

STEP 2. Choose an AR site/project from the Mi Querido Barrio map. Once you are at the selected location, identify your marker.

STEP 3. Open the Blippar app in your phone and scan the image or object you wish to activate.

Wait a bit as you blipp. The content can take a few seconds to load.
Make sure the image/object is well lit, using the flash feature if necessary.
Make sure to hold your device steady as you blipp.
With this particular AR site/project: Scan the upper stories of the CCCADI building. If you don?t have access to the physical marker, use the image marker on your Mi Querido Barrio Augmented Reality Guide, or visit cccadi.org/miqueridobarrio.


Tamiko Thiel
Tamiko Thiel

Artistic Advisor for Mi Querido Barrio

?Since I am not from El Barrio myself, when Dr. Marta Moreno Vega kindly invited me to be the artistic advisor for CCCADI?s augmented reality exhibition and to contribute an AR work of my own, I wanted to use a participatory process that enabled residents of El Barrio to speak through my artwork. I therefore asked people to write words or short phrases?by hand?that expressed their feelings for El Barrio. I transformed these into "gilt" letters, preserving the personal handwriting of each phrase, and placed them in a hovering cloud in front of the newly restored firehouse that is the new home of CCCADI. When visitors view this augment, they will be surrounded and embraced by personal words of gold from the proud community of El Barrio!?

Tamiko Thiel is an internationally known visual artist and acknowledged pioneer in developing the dramatic and poetic capabilities of virtual reality (since 1994) and augmented reality (since 2010) to create spaces of memory for exploring social and cultural issues. Her work often deals with crossing boundaries, drawing extensively on her own cross-cultural experiences as an American of mixed German and Japanese descent living in Japan, the United States, and Germany. Images of the garden as a lost paradise appear in many of her works, and issues of global warming and climate change are increasingly becoming a concern in her art practice.

A founding member of artist group Manifest.AR, she participated in their path-breaking augmented reality guerrilla intervention at MoMA in New York in 2010, and was the chief curator and organizer of their uninvited intervention at the Venice Biennale in 2011. for which she helped write the proposal for the Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Award for the CCCADI project Mi Querido Barrio, before serving as the augmented reality artistic adviser for the exhibition.

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