SACRED TRADITIONS: Transformation + healing


CCCADI’s work honors the sacred belief systems of indigenous and African-based cultures around the world. These traditions often share core values: honoring ancestors, connecting with the divine forces of nature, and cultivating sacred energy within to achieve one’s personal mission on earth and build strong families, communities and societies. Through workshops, conferences, health expos and wellness circles, CCCADI facilitates deeper understanding and awareness of these traditions so that communities can leverage this ancient wisdom for the challenges they face today. Some of our Sacred Traditions programs are:

  • Transforming the Temple Series and Annual Expo: a culturally resonant health initiative that democratizes access to health resources, practitioners, and information promoting holistic wellness in underserved communities chronically plagued by disease as a result of historic and systemic inequalities.

  • The Trade-itions ConferenceSupported by the National Endowment for the Arts, this two day conference will explore and celebrate comparative African cultural and spiritual traditions.

  • Roots and Stars: A quarterly salon series exploring Black spiritual genius. It examines ancient African and New World religious customs, as well as contemporary spiritual practices to understand the foundation and evolution of spiritual practice throughout the Black World. Recent themes have focused on spirituality and social justice, divination, praise dance and Yoruba theology.

  • Sacred Songs workshop: Led by scholar and world-renowned Akpon, Frank Bell, participants learn traditional Orisha songs and their relative significance. Each workshop is categorized by specific Orisha groupings, based on their pantheon location, as well as their assigned universal force.   

  • Mulheres de Axé: Celebrating the Sacred Power of Women of Spirit unifies faith-based women organizers and healers across New York City communities, honoring the sacred feminine and working at the intersection of spirituality and social justice.